Obligatory requirements:

Your site must have a unique design and contain a clear description of the work with the site. Sites which are located on free (public) hosting platforms will not be registered.
Основные требования к сайту обменного пункта системы:

  1. The website must be launched live and completely full of content. There must be a detailed description of the payment procedure for your goods or services through WebMoney including: how long does the purchasing process take (from the moment when goods/services are being paid for to the purchase processing), instructions on what to do if the purchase fails (possible reasons, troubleshooting), delivery terms and conditions.

  2. Your resource must be free of illegal or immoral content. Your site must not offer illegal products or services. You can view the unacceptable product and service categories here. The site must contain up to date contact information and information about the resource owners including telephone number, e-mail and the WM identifier that receives payments.

  3. Pages which are related to products/services that are sold for WebMoney and the payment instructions must be published in Russian and/or in English.

  4. Your website must reference the System’s website in the form of the We Accept WebMoney button. A symbolic logo confirming your verification status ("WebMoney Verified" - account level no lower than Personal), which redirects to your Passport page on the Verification Center website (logo example here).

  5. The site must contain clear instructions explaining how to pay for your goods/services with WebMoney. Instructions must be visible to all customers without any additional registration.

You can receive WebMoney only to those Purses and from the web site which is registered during the MegaStock Application. The receiving of funds from unregistered purses/web sites is prohibited.***

If the site sells its goods/services as a Company (legal entity) then its WebMoney Passport must be registered to the same legal entity** (that is the Company’s duly authorized representatives). A corresponding power of attorney (letter of appointment) must be presented to the catalogue’s administrators.

Websites providing personal accounts and using WebMoney as a depositing method must specify the account details (name, ID) of such account for both Incoming (depositing the account with WebMoney) and Outgoing (withdrawing from the account to WebMoney purse) transactions.

If an account of such website was deposited with WebMoney purse, withdrawal of funds from such account must first be back to the same purse, in an amount not less than the original and only after that to any other wallets and payment systems.